We have followed technolOgy evolution through the years, continuously renewing our production lines and our processes, in order to meet users needs.

We claim to be very particular and demanding about raw materials, we continuously control our production both automatically and manually.

All of the production plants are checked (up to 30 times a second) by industrial metric dispensers which guarantee the following fundamental factors:
  • extreme precision in the measurement of dyes and additives
  • very low tolerance regarding the required thickness
  • steady average weight of the product
  • absolute uniformity in the recipes
The error tolerance is lower than 1/10.000.

Both stretch hood and shrink film are produced through a bubble extrusion process.
Stretch film is produced only with dedicated WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER™  production line, which is known to be the best machinery for this kind of film.

Shrink film is produced in rolls for automatic use or can be cut and welded to obtain customized hoods: this operation is performed by electronic controlled machines which grant very low error tolerance, less than  2%.
TERMOPLASTICA SGHEDONI’s stretch film is manufactured with latest cast technology. We use the same blending and batching procedures we use for our shrink film, in order to grant constant thickness and weight, two of the keys for best performance of the film.
We will be glad to demonstrate you the excellent quality-price ratio of our films: less material for the same results, which means reduced environmental impact and cost savings.