Our company has been manufacturing stretch hood, stretch film and shrink film since 1973. We are located in the heart of Piastrella Valley, Sassuolo's worldwide famous ceramics district.
Thanks to growing demand of plastic packaging and palletizing solutions, and thanks to the need for meeting the high quality standards of the most prestigious ceramics companies, we have succeeded in improving, year after year, reaching the product and service quality which is acknowledged by all the participants of the market.
Our range of products is able to match the requirements of any given industry, not necessarily ceramics, which needs to package, protect, and stock its goods onto pallets in complete safety.


The final packaging is an integral part of the production process, it is the shell which transports your product safe and sound to its destination; it is the shield which protects your goods during transport and storage.
Why should you put at risk the integrity and quality of you products by choosing a poor packaging, just because it’s cheaper than others?

“… a package should save more than it costs …”: this was the vision of Mr. Ruben Rausing, founder of Tetrapak ® (1952).

What’s yours?


We aim to solve big and small problems of our customers, as we have been doing for the past 45 years.

We aim to be your partners rather than your mere suppliers, by putting all our experience in flexible packaging at your service.

We aim to reach our goals by complying with rules, by being honest and by respecting our Planet:  we want to evolve with our eyes turned to technological developments which can bring to reduce the environmental impact of our products.