“Terflex” Stretch Hood represents the ultimate innovation in flexible plastic packaging. Tailored to address the evolving needs of the modern day packaging sector, it stands as an advanced and effective solution for safeguarding products during transportation, handling, and storage.

Also recognized as Elastic Stretch Hood, this gusseted tubular film seamlessly merges the unique attributes of Shrink Film with enhanced usability and swiftness in palletizing operations.


TermoPlastica Sghedoni’s Elastic Stretch Hood significantly contributes to sustainability and reduced environmental impact through three main factors:

  • Its usage eliminates the need for heat supply, resulting in reduced energy consumption;

  • Its elastic properties allow for a smaller perimeter of the tubular film compared to the pallet, thus minimizing plastic usage per pallet;

  • The utilization of multilayer extrusion technology enables the production of thinner films, further reducing the amount of plastic material utilized per pallet.

The versatility of the Stretch Hood renders it the optimal choice for managing loads of diverse sizes and a wide array of goods. This adaptability is facilitated by a range of distinctive features, making it exceptionally flexible and suitable for numerous scenarios:


Renowned for its capacity to conform to various load shapes and sizes, ensuring consistent and secure wrapping.

Holding Force

Boasting a significant clamping force that firmly secures the load, preventing undesirable movement during transport, handling, or storage.

Tear Resistance

With exceptional strength, the Stretch Hood minimizes the risk of tearing or damage, guaranteeing robust and long-lasting packaging.

Puncture Resistance

Its ability to withstand penetrating forces safeguards the packaging integrity, shielding goods from potential damages caused by punctures or perforations.


The Stretch Hood’s surface is designed to slide easily over the pallet surface, facilitating the wrapping process and ensuring efficient application;

Palletizing Speed

Eliminating the need for heat shrinking, the Stretch Hood accelerates the palletizing process significantly. This feature makes it the preferred solution for end-of-line plants managing a high volume of pallets daily.


Ease of use

The intuitive and rapid wrapping process involves stretching the gusseted tube over the goods to be packaged. Subsequently, automated sealing bars cut and seal the hood to the desired size, ensuring precise and secure packaging.

Our Elastic Stretch Hood finds extensive applications across various heavy-duty industries, serving as the premier packaging solution for products such as:

  • Building Materials

  • Ceramic Tiles

  • Bricks and Shingles

  • Adhesives for Building

  • Cement

  • Limestone and Plaster

  • Chemicals

  • Polymers

  • Paints and Varnishes

  • Fertilizers

  • Compost

  • Soils

  • Cereals

  • Flours

  • Salts

  • Feeds

  • Seeds

  • Pellets

TermoPlastica Sghedoni’s Stretch Hood emerges as the top choice for palletizing bagged products, whether they’re made from paper or polyethylene materials.


Film thickness μm 50 : 180
Roll width mm 550 : 1500
Roll diameter mm 300 : 900
Tubular development mm 2100 : 4600
Mandrel cardboard or plastic mm ø int. 76
Colouring* on request, covering or non-covering
Printing on request
Additives* UV 6/9/12/18 months
Other additives* on request
Perforations* Micro


Safety data sheet

Technical data sheet

By choosing the Stretch Hood ‘Terflex’ from TermoPlastica Sghedoni, you will enjoy an advanced packaging solution that goes beyond expectations. Ensure the safety, integrity and efficiency of your logistics process with the highest level of protection that only our Stretch Hood can offer.

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