At TPS, our dedication extends beyond merely protecting your goods; we prioritize doing so in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

As part of our ongoing sustainability efforts, we place significant emphasis on waste minimization and recycling throughout our production process. We consider ourselves stewards of plastic resources, a commitment underscored by certifications for traceability and assessment of the conformity and content of recycled products, fully compliant with

  • EN 15343

  • EN 15344 standards.

This certification guarantees the declared percentages of recycled material in our products and ensures the traceability of materials used, making our Stretch Hood and Shrink Film suitable for export to countries mandating this certification by accredited third-party bodies.


For us, this certification signifies more than a mere mark on paper;
it serves as tangible proof of our steadfast commitment to responsible waste management and plastic resource stewardship.

Our sustainable ethos extends beyond regulatory compliance; we actively promote the circular economy, redefining the role of industry in the life cycle of plastic materials.

Every time you opt for Termoplastica Sghedoni, you contribute to a brighter future.

A future where flexible packaging isn’t just essential but inherently sustainable.

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