Termoplastica Sghedoni stands today as the culmination of over five decades of expertise and dedication in the field of plastic packaging. Founded in 1973 within the globally acclaimed Ceramic district of Sassuolo (Modena), over time we have developed high quality standards to meet the growing demand in the packaging and palletising sectors.

Today, our consolidated know-how is reflected in our product range, with a special focus on Stretch Hood and Shrink Film.

We are here to meet the needs of any industry that seeks not only efficiency and safety in packaging, but also a genuine commitment to environmental sustainability.

At TPS, experience and sustainability come together harmoniously to protect and enhance your goods with high-performance solutions and quality standards at the highest level.


At TPS, we look to the future with the goal of becoming a reliable leader in the flexible plastic packaging industry. We aim to be recognised for our quality, sustainability and excellence, aspiring to become the preferred partner for our customers’ logistical and packaging needs.

The final packaging serves as an indispensable component of the production process, acting as the protective shell that ensures products reach their destination unharmed. It serves as the safeguard, shielding goods during transportation, handling, and storage.

Why jeopardize the integrity and quality of your product with subpar, ineffective packaging, merely for the sake of short-term cost savings that ultimately prove to be much more expensive?

“…packaging should always save more than it costs…”

was the vision of Mr Ruben Rausing, the founder of Tetra Pak® (1952).


Welcome to the world of TPS, where our daily duty is shaped by continuous commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. We are proud to have been a benchmark in the flexible plastic packaging sector for 50 years, driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.

Our environmental certification PLASTIC SECOND LIFE Mixeco, in compliance with UNI 10667 and EN 15343, EN 15344, is tangible evidence of our commitment to responsible waste management of plastic resources.

In addition to meeting high quality standards, we strive to exceed expectations through continuous innovation and updating.

Working together for a Sustainable Future:

By choosing TermoPlastica Sghedoni, you choose a partner who shares your vision for a better tomorrow. Together, we can build a partnership that combines the quality of our products with a concrete commitment to sustainability.


We invite you to explore our innovative, safe and sustainable solutions for a greener and more responsible world.